Residual Spray against Malaria in Nsongwe Village

The Ministry of Health on Thursday, 25th April 2013 carried out an indoor residual spraying exercise against Malaria in Nsongwe village in Livingstone district to commemorate the World Malaria Day.

Houses in this sprawling village were sprayed against Malaria. Zambian Minister of Health, Dr. Joseph Kasonde, Zimbabwean Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr. Douglas Mombeshora and Zambian Deputy Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Ms. Dorothy Kazunga distributed Long Lasting insectcide treated mosquito nets to residents of Nsongwe village.

Speaking when he handed over a mosquito net to Purity Simukale, a resident at Nsongwe village, Dr. Kasonde said it was the vision of his Ministry to eradicate Malaria in Zambia by the year 2015.

“It is my mission and that of the Ministry of Heath that there will be no Malaria come 2015. I therefore urge the people of this village to ensure that their families sleep in treated nets so that together we can defeat Malaria” the Minister said.

And Ms. Simukale said she was delighted to receive an insecticide treated Mosquito net as it will assist her family against contracting Malaria.

Ms. Simukale was glad that government was not only paying lip-service to the fight against Malaria but was actually taken practical steps to do so.

“I am really so happy that today we have three Ministers, one from Zimbabwe and two from Zambia who are in our village to distribute treated nets and spray our houses against Malaria. This truly shows that our government cares about us poor people, Ms. Simukale said while happily clutching her newly acquire Mosquito net.

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