Government embarks on equipping health institutions

The Ministry of health is in the process of modernising health institutions countrywide with specialized equipment. This is in a statement released by Ministry of Health Public Relations Unit.

The statement states that Kitwe and Ndola Central Hospitals and Livingstone General Hospital will receive Computerised Tomography scan machine also commonly known as CT scan. The statement further disclosed that the country’s fourth level hospital University Teaching Hospital will this year receive a carth lab and a new CT scan machine to replace the current one which is always breaking down.

And due to inadequate numbers of dialysis machines which is only found at UTH, the government will in 2013 establish dialysis units in Livingstone, Kitwe and Ndola Central Hospitals in order to help in the treatment of kidney related diseases that requires dialysis.

The procurement and replacement of this these machines will also lead to reduction in the number of patients being referred abroad to seek medical treatment. According to 2012 report, 118 patients were evacuated to India and South Africa for specialised medical attention.

The conditions that were treated amongst others ranged from certain types of brain tumors, cardiac conditions, kidney problems, orthopaedic (bone) complications etc

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