Out break of typhoid in Northern Province

Seven (7) cases of typhoid disease have been reported in Northern Province. The diarrheal infection caused by bacteria called salmonella typhi has since claimed two (2) lives. This is as of Wednesday 6th February, 2013.
These cases of typhoid have reported in Kasama where three (3) patients are seen and still under treatment and had I death. In Mungwi district two have been admitted and 1 reported death.
The outbreak of this disease which leads to perforation of the bowels has also led to seven (7) members of staff in the attending health facilities testing positive to the salmonella typhi.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) through the Northern Province has continued to carry out the following activities; contact tracing, awareness activities, screening of food handlers, water sampling and testing.
The provincial Health Office has also disinfected 12 households in Lwabwe and one (1) household in newtown and also disinfected 11 out of 27 water points in the same area.
The health office has continued to provide information and education to the locals, 276 chlorine bottles distributed, inspections in town, and use of radio mano for awareness on typhoid.

All members of the public must maintain high standards of personal hygiene by: 
1.    Hand washing before and after eating
2.    Hand washing after using the toilet
3.    Ensuring all cooked food must be eaten while still warm
4.    Avoiding to buy cooked food from street vendors
5.    Ensuring the disposal of garbage and human waste only in designated places
6.    Boiling of drinking water or treating it with domestic chlorine
7.    Avoiding unnecessary gatherings
8.    Ensuring that any suspected cases of infectious diarrhoeal diseases are taken to the nearest health facility as quickly as possible

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