Eight (8) Cholera cases discharged in Luapula Province


Luapula Province has been known to be a place where cholera outbreaks annually are reported especially in the rain season. This could be attributed to many water bodies surrounding the province. Another reason could be that it is a border province sharing with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

From the cases reported and admitted, eight (8) have been seen and discharged from various health institutions in Nchelenge and Mwense. As of January 7th 2013, Seven (7) cases of cholera have been reported and admitted in various districts in Luapula province. Nchelenge District has the highest number of patients; 2 at St Pauls Mission Hospital and 2 at Chisenga Highland. Buntungwa clinic in Mansa has also admitted 2 and Mambilima mission hospital in Mwense district has 1 patient admitted.

Cholera which is a diarrhoeral disease is characterised by an onset of passing rice waterly and profuse vomiting. If a patient is not treated within 2 hours of onset death due to dehydration could be unavoidable. However, the basic prevention of this fetal disease is practising basic principles of hygiene like hand washing.


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