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LUSAKA (November 20 2017)

The General Nursing Council (GNC) has nullified the examinations for Registered Nurses (RN), and Pre-Service Registered Nurse Midwives (RNM) due to examination malpractice. The Ministry of Health fully supports the action taken by the GNC to exercise the Nurses and Midwifery Act 31of 1997 to nullify the examinations.

The November / December 2017 Paper 1, II, II, IV, V and VI qualifying GNC Theory examinations for Registered Nurses (RN), and Pre-Service Registered Nurse Midwives (RNM) have been nullified following the unearthing of examination malpractice and leakage.

About 1,797 students are affected by the nullification of the examinations that started on 13th November 2017 and were scheduled to end on 20th November 2017.

The nullified examinations will be replaced by a complete new set of examinations scheduled to start on 11th December 2017 and end on 18th December 2017.

However, investigations into the matter have been instituted, and perpetrators when found will be visited by the law.

It must be emphasized that Government will not tolerate any degree of examination leakage in the health sector, as this hinges on matters of life and death.

Further, Government shall ensure that the General Nursing Council takes all necessary steps to minimise the risk of a similar occurrence in future.

The profession of nursing has held a long and cherished position in Zambia, and Zambian nurses are valued all over the world, for their integrity, and professionalism.

The General Nursing Council, is mandated by law to promote patient safety, protect the public from unsafe nursing practices, and to uphold the quality, integrity and professionalism among all members.
This include those that aspire to be members of the nursing profession.

It is therefore right that the examinations have been nullified, in order to preserve patient safety, aspire for quality health service delivery, and maintain integrity.

On the other hand, Government has already taken every precaution to ensure that all eligible nursing and midwifery examination candidates are not unnecessarily inconvenienced.

Issued by
Stanslous Ngosa
Head Communications & External Relations
Ministry of Health

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