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Adolescents at Risk of HIV Infection

Adolescents at Risk of HIV Infection.


HIV/AIDS has continued to ravage many countries of the world, including Zambia.
The cure for this disease is not yet known but a person living with an HIV virus has to daily take antiretroviral drugs that can help to suppress viruses in the body to prolong their life.

Since it’s advent in 1980s the HIV/AIDS pandemic has claimed a lot of lives and it is estimated that globally over 35 million people are living with the virus.

Modes of HIV transmission from one person to another include unprotected sexual intercourse, exchange of sharp instruments such as needles, razor blades and mother to child transmission.

The disease knows no boundaries as it can affect anyone exposed to any risk factor of HIV infection.

Adolescents, who are young people aged 10 to 19 years, and adults are victims of HIV. Adolescents form 25 per cent of the Zambian population and are a backbone of the future workforce.

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